Simpsons Almost Audition

So my good buddy, Greg Roy calls me one day and says “Dude! The Simpsons cast is threatening to walk because they want them to work for 4 million a year instead of 8!  You need to get a demo to the producers!”  I said “Greg, I was elected to represent actors.  I can’t try to undercut or compete with people I represent.  It would be unethical.  “Unless,” says Greg, they walk away from the bargaining table.  “Hmmmm,” said I to my loyal pal, “I suppose that’s true.  It couldn’t hurt to have one ready. ” And so, the demo you hear was born, but never sent, as the deal was sealed.  Turns out, it was actually signed two months earlier and the whole thing had been a publicity stunt.  But hey, who knew I could do “Apoo?”




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